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Jiangsu Golden Material Technology Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiaryof Hongda Xingye Share Holding Corporations Ltd (Stock Abbreviation: HongdaXingye, Stock Code: 002002). It is located in Yangzhou Eastern Suburb HangjiIndustrial Park, which is a large PVC packing materials manufacturer in China.The company possesses more than 20 high-tech automatic assemblylines introduced from outstanding companies like Germany and Italy. Itsproduction capacity achieves 80 thousand tons per year and its main productsinclude ten major series and over 60 varieties like rigid PVC sheets forpharmaceutical packaging, high barrier pharmaceutical PVC/PVDC, PVC/PE/PVDC,PVC/PVDC/PE coated sheet, PTP aluminum foil, PA/AL/PVC composite film,PVC sheets and plates for printing and thermoforming, extrusion PET film andplates, soft PVC film and sheet, PE protective film, electronic plastic film,smart card base material, etc. They are widely used in industries such aspharmacy, electronics, garment, environmental protection, construction,decoration, etc.Our company has invested money inbuilding ten new plastic formwork production lines, for the production ofnew-type architectural plastic formwork, architectural plastic batten,decorative PVC sheet, PVC plastic compound wood floor, etc. As a newenvironmental friendly compound material, plastic formwork possess thecharacteristics of high intensity, high tenacity, impact resistance, water and corrosionresistance, and heat preservation and insulation. It is easy to transport sinceits light weight, which is applicable to the construction of shear wall and verticalwall in high-rise buildings, flyover, dike, and tunnel.Adhering to the development path of 'science and technologybooming enterprises' and the ‘market-oriented and customer-centered' businessphilosophy, the company focuses on making products from all aspects such asbusiness philosophy, enterprise image, business reputation, marketcompetitiveness, product quality with talent and product development as itsguide and scientific management system and management mechanism as a means. Thecompany will securely strive to maintain its leadership position in domesticindustry with its superior brand, advanced technology, favorable economies ofscale and high quality.We'd like to join forces with friendsat home and abroad, forward hand In hand to achieve glory!

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